We're on a mission to end attrition!

Our Mission

Every student should have equitable access to the resources necessary to succeed

Since day one, we've believed that helping more students make it through college has been a critically important challenge to address. Since 2014, we've helped colleges around the country prevent more than 31,000 students from dropping out. And we believe that this is just the beginning of the impact that equitable access to education can have.

Case Studies

Learn how our other college partners are impacting student success

Significant ROI Realized by Durham Tech

In the fall of 2017, Durham Tech performed a study that found that 30 students persisted from fall to spring because of the support they received through Upswing. This resulted in a cumulative tuition savings of $90,000 realized by Durham Tech for the spring semester.

Direct Academic Performance Impact at HCC

Houston Community College has one of the country's most established and advanced online tutoring systems hosted by Upswing. Through a joint research study with Rice University, they found that every student submission on Upswing increased students' average GPA by 0.05 points.

Math & Writing Success at WSSU

Winston-Salem State University compared how students fared at the end of their classes vs. their grades at mid-terms. They found that Upswing math students were 10% more likely to fare better than non-Upswing students, and writing students were 20% more likely to fare better.

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